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Perfect Puzzles for Quality Time

Looking for a fun way to unwind with friends and family? Our high-quality jigsaw puzzles are just the ticket. With durable chipboard pieces, you can choose between a 252-piece puzzle that’s great for kids aged 9 and up, or a challenging 1000-piece puzzle for older children and adults. Plus, they come in stylish metal tins, making them perfect for gift-giving.

Each puzzle features images from everyday life in Sweden, showcasing diverse families from various backgrounds. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate the inclusive reality of modern Sweden. 

Illustrator: Malin Skogberg

Note: This product is intended for ages 4 and up (choking hazard).


  • Pre-cut chipboard pieces with a smooth satin finish
  • Available in 252 or 1000 interlocking pieces
  • Consistently cut non-edge pieces
  • White metal tin with the finished image on the lid

Indigene Jigsaw Puzzle Birthday (252, 1000-Piece)

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