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Indigene Team



Business development and Communications

A lawyer with a background in business law, Sandra also has experience in teambuilding, legal consulting, social insurance law and intercultural education. She is the Vice President and co-founder of Omanye Ltd and the vice chairman of Assaredsskolan, primary and secondary school. Sandra is currently back in her hometown of Gothenburg after living in the United Kingdom and Ghana.

Sara Taub Mkelle


Business developer and economy/accounting

A project manager who has previous experience working with intercultural education in the project Seriestorm, Sara is the co-founder of the cooperative Myller Kultur & Händelser and chairman of Assaredsskolan primary and secondary school. She is also the co-author of two books, Seriestorm - a practical handbook in intercultural education in comics (2019) and Konsten som mötesplats (2016). Sara has been living in Gothenburg for the past fifteen years but also has homes in the High Coast of Sweden, Chicago and Zanzibar.  

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