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Indigene strives to make diversity more visible in our society, boost inclusion and promote intercultural processes. We want to highlight the nuances and provide for a more permissive perspective on origin and representation. Origin is not something that is seen, but rather something we feel. Every person should hold the power over the story of their own origin.


Indigene developed through a longing for pictures that display our reality, as it is in Sweden today. In the real world there is diversity and nuances, but the pictures we see and the voices that we hear are blunt simplifications of a reality that is so much more. What is the impact of the above for those of us who grow up in a country, Sweden, where we have been made invisible? Indigene wants to provide for another reality than that.

Indigene is managed by Sandra Chinery-Hesse, a lawyer from Gothenburg and Sara Taub Mkelle a project manager from Norrland.

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