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I carry the sincere conviction that racism best be understood as an illness. It´s a symptom of something being wrong - of  fear and injustice being allowed to grow into cultural practice. With a partly jewish background, I have always been aware of the violent potential underlying all racist practice and ideas. Witnessing nationalistic and rasist movements grow i Sweden and Europe during the 1990´s was a painful experience, for me as well as so many others at the time. As I was a teenager it came to define my political views in many ways. 


My passion is finding ways to heal what is broken. To adress all that fear with an offer of change. We need to learn how to co-exist peacfully, we need to build relations to one another from a place of understanding instead of fear. When I found intercultural pedagogical theory, I found words that described my own experiences and a strive to build knowledge of how we humans can build relations based on the will to learn frpm eachother with respect. 


Indigene grew out of a common will to contribute to change. I was inspired by Sandras ideas, and it was an easy desicion to engange in building an organisation that could help us meet our goals. It is my hope and conviction that Indigene will be a positive force working for  change!  

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